Customizable Furniture That Will Grow With Your Children

It’s hard to find furniture for a young child that will still be stylish and relevant only a few years later, as trends, and sizes, change quickly.  Growing Table is a line of children’s furniture designed to grow with your child, with actual expansion possibilities built into the furniture.  The pieces are also neutrally designed so they can be paired later with various changing looks.  Whether they grow up to be girly girls or tomboys, train fanatics or future scientists, the furniture is sure to tag along.


Olaf Schroeder designed this line of furniture that truly grows with your child — leg and table extensions for the table and stool help expand the pieces with your growing child.  Each has four height adjustments, catered children 2 to 10 years old.


Accessories are available to expand the limits of the furniture, including an attachable paper roll for endless craft projects.  Project folders, book stands, and pencil holders are also available that snap right into the edge of the desk.  It’s like a puzzle waiting to be customized to your personal needs!  Each item is sold separately so you won’t need to purchase parts unless you need them. 


A side cart that matches the furniture can be used for seamless storage and containers.  Drawers slide out – great for school or art supplies, or clothes and accessories.  All furniture is made from natural solid beech wood, and available in exposed beech, or a coating in cool blue/grey, bright white, or deep orange.  Keep it monochromatic or add bright prints to your child’s workspace or bedroom – allow your options to grow with the Growing Table furniture set!

Visit the Pure Position Website for a full list of select retailers around the world!

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