Sillies: Six Silly Ideas For The Whimsy Month

Here are some ways our family likes to get silly.

  1. Fashion show – complete with each person wearing an outfit made up of other family members’ clothes.
  2. Play Twister.
  3. Make up jokes. First, we all tell some of our favorites. Taking out a joke book is helpful. Then we make up our own. Certain themes are prevalent at certain ages—bathroom humor, things crossing roads, knock knock knock knock.
  4. We make up new words to our favorite songs. Pop Goes the Weasel, Rock a Bye Baby, and Row Your Boat seem to lend themselves to word bending.
  5. Backwards night – wear clothes backwards, walk backwards around the house, eat dessert first, watch a movie before dinner, try to say words, even sentences, backwards, talk about your day from dinner back to breakfast.
  6. Draw a silly mural. Use butcher block paper and markers or crayons. Put certain items in places they shouldn’t be:  a sun in the ground, a foot for a head, an ice cream cone for a hat.

Guaranteed Silly!

Please, share your sillies with us. What does your family do that makes each other laugh, feel whimsical, or just get plain silly?

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