Mission Mommy Possible

So. You have just had a baby and you have been enjoying your time resting, recovering and sleeping, when you can.

Family has been around to help for these first few weeks with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and holding that ever growing bundle of joy. After a few weeks though, you are on your own and desperate to get out of the house. You ache to feel like a normal human being rather than shower-less, pajama wearing, zombie, I mean mommy, that you have become.

First mission:

Get out of the house. As you prepare to head out into the world you find yourself not just carrying the baby, but the fifteen pound car seat, the ever loaded diaper bag filled to the brim with diapers, wipes, changes of clothes, bottles, pacificers, nursing cover and sling. Already, your physical strength is being tested and you have only made it to the front door. Maybe getting out of the house is over rated? But no, you feel you must, so you forge ahead.

Second mission:

The grocery store. Let’s face it, loading those infant car seats in and out of the car is no easy task. Lifting it into the shopping cart is a whole new challenge, especially if you are dealing with a cart that wants to roll away. Somehow you are able to heave it up and lock it in place. With a few additional shakes and checks that the car seat will actually stay in place, you are off zipping up and down the aisles making it through the store and through checkout without a glitch. With a bit more of a bounce in your step, you head home knowing that the baby will wake up at any moment. And she does, with a wail that sends panic through your body, forcing you to step on that accelerator a bit harder and frantically sing any lullaby that comes to mind.

Third mission:

Get in the house with the baby and the food as fast as possible. You grab the car seat and hook it on one arm. The diaper bag then gets thrown over your other shoulder to counter balance the weight of that “lightweight car seat”. Your hands grip the handles of several grocery bags as you slam the car door with your foot. You waddle, swag and swing your body from the car to your front door feeling like an overburdened Santa Claus-muscles burning, and back about to give out.

The good news:

You’ve made it out of the house with a baby all on your own for the first time. The bad news: You have just abused your body and if you are not careful, you could seriously injure your back, your hips, your joints and so much more.

The fact is, that baby of yours is not getting any lighter and you will constantly find yourself in situations where you are holding more items then you ever thought possible. However, with a bit of work, you will find your day to day tasks easier and less stressful.

Check out the four quick, easy and effective moves here that will make you stronger, more flexible and ready to lift those groceries with your pinkie finger.

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