Channel Your Inner Van Gogh to Avoid Holiday Overeating

There are many reasons our health goals tend to fall apart this time of the year.  But if one of your patterns is to overeat at holiday get-togethers, than this is a strategy that is particularly useful. 

Take the position of a “food elitist”. 

Arrive at holiday parties, dinners or function having already eaten a healthy meal.  And then commit to only eating the foods offered that are absolutely top notch.  Don’t settle for overeating mediocre foods.  If you come to a table set with many options this is what you do.

Use your plate as a painter’s palette.  

Go around and take a teaspoon sized serving of everything you are interested in trying.  Make sure you leave a lot of white space on your plate.  Then find a place to sit, take a glass of water and act like a food critic (to yourself, of course!)  Taste a little of everything you are interested in.  Then when you return to take a regular sized portion only go back and take seconds of what was the most outrageously delicious tasting food.

When you return to indulge in this serving, eat slowly, really chew and taste each bite.  Enjoy every moment of your meal.

This strategy is incredible effective because it disarms the psychological reaction we have when we restrict ourselves from food, which is to generate a strong, unstoppable craving toward that food.  Instead, you are releasing yourself from restriction, honoring yourself by only indulging in the very best that is offered, and slowly and mindfully eating it thoroughly.  Your body will tell you when it has had enough, and you will leave the party, full, satisfied and in control of the situation.

Here’s to a delicious, healthy and happy holiday season.  Cheers!

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