Make Time for Breakfast

Easy Tips for a Busy Mom to Make Time for Breakfast

Ways for A Busy Mom to Make Time for Breakfast

Starting the day with a satisfying, robust breakfast is essential to a busy mom’s health. Research shows that women who eat a good breakfast, consume less calories overall in the day and  they tend to have slimmer body types and are more successful at keeping extra weight off in the long run.

And even beyond providing that stability for maintaining a desireable body weight, starting your day with healthy nourishment is also essential for stress resiliency and steady moods. 

When our bodies are fed nutrient dense, slow burning foods first thing in the morning, that combination sets up a calm biochemistry that keeps us resilient to the demands of our schedules. 

But as any mom knows, mornings are one of the most hectic times of the day. 

If you struggle with finding the time in the morning to eat a substantial and healthy breakfast consider these strategies to make it work for you:

1.  Prep the night before

Try scrambling eggs, chopping spinach, and crumbling feta in a bowl the night before.  The next morning, there’s just a pat of butter to melt in a pan and in 2 minutes you have a omelette ready to go. 

2.  Batch bake

Take some time on the weekend to “batch cook” healthy breakfast bars with whole grains, healthy fats, nuts and dried fruit.  Wrap them individually and keep them in the freezer.  A quick thaw in the toaster oven will leave you with a hearty breakfast to go.

3.  Assemble it quick

Plan for a meal that can be put together in a flash, like yogurt with granola and dried fruit, or peanut butter and jam on whole grain bread

When you need to eat your breakfast in a tight time frame, we would love to have you share your own tips and ideas for how you make that happen for yourself?

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