Prevent Cold and Flu

Natural Ways to Keep from Getting Sick

Here are a few natural ways to help prevent you from getting sick and natural ways to relieve the symptoms, which all work toward strengthening your body’s natural defenses.    

1. Forgo refined sugar and fortify with whole foods

Refined sugar weakens our immune system. Whether you are entering a cold and flu season or simply a high stress time of your life, emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables whenever possible will help keep your body resilient.

When our systems our fighting a cold, its more important than ever to eat high quality nourishment. Consider adding fruit and vegetable smoothies or warm vegetable soups to your daily meals to increase your vitamin and phytochemical count while keeping your well hydrated.

Healthy Tip: Garlic is naturally high in antibacterial and antiviral compounds and a great way to strengthen your body and fight off infection.

2. Boost your immunity with herbal supports

Echinachea has been used for years to support upper respiratory health. Elderberry has important compounds like anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidants that boost immunity.

If you or your family has come down wit ha cold, consider a mixture of elderberry syrup and echinachea daily until you are feeling better.

4. Think warm and moist

When the air becomes cold and dry, our mucus membranes need to be kept warm and moist. Staying hydrated, drinking warm liquids and soups and using ahumidifier all are helpful in the cold season months.

Emphasize warm teas with honey, lots of water and thin broths with plenty of vegetables as you recover from a cold.

5. Get adequate rest

There is nothing that can replace good old rest and relaxation. One of the quickest ways to come down with the symptoms of a cold is to run yourself down with little or broken sleep. And one of the fastest ways to to recover is to get in bed and rest.

If you have a cold, wrap up in a blanket, get a good book, keep a cup of warm tea by your bed and get a little shut eye any chance you can.

What are your tried and true ways to prevent or relieve cold symptoms?

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