Key Pieces You Need From the Most Adorable Fashion Collaboration Yet: Olivia & Gymboree

If there’s one thing my daughter and I ALWAYS disagree about, it’s what’s to wear. In her toddler mind, glittery, screen-printed Elsa shirts are basically her Birkin bag. To her, those Elsa shirts go with nearly everything, no matter the season or occasion.

Since I’m not always game for an early morning meltdown, I’ve admittedly stashed a lot of Frozen/Peppa Pig/Sofia the First gear in the back of the closet. They come out for crafts and playground romps of course, but are intentionally hidden for school days or birthday parties. I do feel a little guilty, though.


Luckily for both of us, Gymboree has come up with an adorably sweet character collaboration that my daughter and I both love. In celebration of Ian Falconer’s iconic Olivia, they’ve released Olivia for Gymboree, a limited-time capsule collection of tops, tees, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories, all designed with a (keyword!) tasteful nod to the precocious pig who has been making little girls laugh for fifteen years.

Created for little girls aged six months to twelve years, the collection features Olivia’s signature black, white, and red threads, as well as playful pops of glitter and houndstooth (i.e., totally mom-approved for school through the holidays). Then, to cater to the toddler set, there are adorable Olivia pig ears that are perfect for dress-up and Halloween, and cheeky yet understated Olivia faces popping out of shirts and shoes!

Take a peek through the slideshow for some of my favorites from the Olivia and Gymboree collection in the slideshow.

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