Beautiful Communion Dresses That Won’t Make Your Kid Look Like a Cupcake

If you’re a mom of a second grade girl and you’re also a procrastinator, then you know it’s communion dress crunch time. And honestly, finding a cute dress is a tough task. There’s a whole lotta fluffiness, bling, and baubles out there.

Granted, my daughter is not even three, but after floating around the girls’ department this week, I couldn’t find one communion gown that didn’t resemble a cupcake. Is it just me, or are today’s first communion dresses way too poufy for the seven-year-old set?


I totally found myself nostalgic for the adorable communion dresses of our childhood. You know, the cute lace that just skimmed your skinned knee. The bobby socks and kitten heels. The understated dresses that were actually suited for someone under four feet tall. Where did they go?

I was literally so perplexed, I made it my mission to find them…because even if my own daughter is just out of diapers, no kid deserves to look like a cupcake on their communion day.

Here are five fabulous online resources that can ship in time for the communion dress crunch. Check them out in the slideshow above. Happy shopping, mamas!

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