Monthly Baby Photo Ideas: Plus, Tips and Tricks for Getting the Best Pictures


Sticky Bellies Milestone Stickers

It's amazing how quickly our kiddos grow in their first few years of life. Are you snapping a monthly pic of your little one to measure their growth? If you're not, you totally should! Month-to-month baby pictures are so fun to look back on. Here are some helpful tips to get the best results and most adorable keepsake pictures. Shoot 'em like a pro with these tips, then get creative with some of our favorite easy-to-do monthly baby photo ideas!


  1. Clear out the background. When we're focusing on our babies, sometimes we forget about all the stuff that's lying around and may ruin the shot: errant toys, junk, furniture, etc. Before you place baby in the shot, look through the lens of your camera and survey the space that will be photographed. Check out what you're working with, and move anything you need to.
  2. Take your picture in the exact same spot, at the exact same time of day each month. That way lighting and background is consistent, and you can really get a sense for growth. If you're using a tripod, remember the height setting and distance away from your kiddo. If you're taking a freehand picture, remember what position you were standing/kneeling in and how far away you were.
  3. Turn off your flash! Choose a time of day and a spot in your house or outside with great natural light. Natural light is always more flattering for everyone—not just kids!
  4. Get up close and personal…but not TOO close. Your kiddo is the star of the shot! Sure, when she's a tiny bean, your instinct is to take a closeup shot. But remember that you'll be doing this every month as they grow. So step back a little bit and allow for their growth, while still being able to take your picture from the exact same spot every time.
  5. Pick a piece of furniture or a toy that makes a great measurement point. It's fun to see them grow into a chair, or be the same size as a stuffed animal, then outgrow it each month!
  6. Keep clothing color somewhat consistent. Pick a non-distracting, neutral color, and stick to somethng similar every month.
  7. Take a TON of pictures! Don't be shy! Take your time and capture baby with lots of different expressions and emotions. Even if she's cranky, be OK with that, too—it's great to capture your kiddos with their range of normal emotions. They don't have to be looking at the camera and smiling every time (and let's get real: that's probably impossible anyway!).

Creative Ideas for Documenting Baby's Growth:

Onsie/T-Shirt Stickers


Photo: Sticky Bellies

We love these stickers from Sticky Bellies. Because you can slap them on anything your kiddo is wearing, it's a cost-effective and super-cute option.



Photo: Young House Love

Similar to the idea above, you could simply digitally add your kiddo's age to their shirt or on their picture. This requires a little creative knowledge of photo editing. Sherry and John at Young House Love did this with their little one, and provide a handy tutorial, too.



Photo: Melody's Voice


Photo: Apartment Therapy / The Letter B Photography

The easier method is to place a chalkboard with your baby's age next to them. You could even add a note about what makes them happiest that month. The more "advanced" method is an entire chalkboard wall, behind the chair that she's sitting on, like twins Rory & Quinn at Apartment Therapy.

Building Blocks


Photo: Lemon Tree Creations

Using blocks you can buy at any toy store, or getting creative and DIY'ing your own building blocks like Patrice at Lemon Tree Creations did, is a sweet and simple way to mark baby's growth.



A sweet and easy, visual way to represent baby's age by month!

Got any tips for taking awesome monthly baby photos? Let us know in the comments!

More Photogaphy Ideas:

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