New Years Resolutions

Trouble Sticking To Your New Years Resolutions?

We have all heard it a million times – New Years Resolutions don’t work.  It’s about making a lifestyle change, making something a habit rather than a Resolution you’re going to go all in full force… until you make it a mile and peeter out completely until the following year.

I remember countless Resolutions I made in my twenties to lose weight and get fit – some years I think I burnt out even by the end of that first week.  So these days, while I still make Resolutions, I do it cautiously and I do it with patience.  Making changes takes time and it’s easy to get discouraged.   In my wise, old thirty-something age now, I rely on good products and an ability to make little changes throughout the year to stick to a resolution.  Lucky for me, I test products for a living and know the tried and true products that will get me through a change for the better.  Here are a few suggestions to help you along your Quest to stick to your Resolution too:

1. Diet  Related Resolution:  Last summer, I used to lose close to 13 pounds.  A simple online tracking tool, tracks your weight loss via a classic diet – easy calorie counting.  In fact, it’s so easy to track my food and exercise that I found myself enjoying using the website.   It’s a free website – you can download the App to your phone – it’s free!  But I prefer using the website directly from my browser.  It’s so easy and fun to do you’ll be guaranteed to stick with it.  I’m back on the site after taking a brief hiatus this fall but I logged over four months of using it last year – something much beyond just a short New Years Resolution.

Cost:  Free

2. Fitness Related Resolution:  Have a Wii?  A Wii Fit board is a great way to stay active without having to leave the house or join a gym. Play various fun games like ski jumping, running, step class, yoga and more to aid in your quest to get fit and lose weight.  Plus it’s just a fun time all around when you’re on the board – we’ve played with our Wii Fit board plenty of times at parties and watching friends try and balance for the Balance games or jump on the slalom always encourages lots of laughs.

Cost:  $99.99 for a WiiFit Board & Game

3. Getting Organized Resolution:   Tired of all the clutter in your house?  This is definitely a Resolution I’ve had often over the years.  I often fear I’ll end up on the TV show Hoarders in future years with the amount of toys and nonsense that clutters up my house just from daily family-life.    Last year, I got inspired and got some wicker baskets and bins from Target.  They were affordable and I put them in my front hall – each person in the family got a basket to put their shoes and other goodies when they walk in the door.  Having these bins is a lifesaver, especially in the winter when we all come inside with things like hats, mittens and more.  I like this Entryway Bench with Cushions and Wicker Baskets from Target for $199.99.  Or something like this Trunk from Target for $82 (link: ) is great for shoes or stuffed animals.    It’s all about having a specific spot for the things in your house – once you’ll do that, you’ll find that clutter will disappear more quickly.

Cost:  $82 for the Trunk at, $199.99 for the Bench with Cushions from Target

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