How to Tone Your Triceps at Home

Working out at home is convenient and can be fun with the right moves. Let’s tackle the back of our arms.


Its formal name is triceps brachii because it has three points of origin. Its primary function is to extend our elbow, but some of us know it better as “that flabby back part of my upper arm that continues to move after I have stopped waving”. If this sounds familiar, blast your arms right in the comfort of your own living room with one simple exercise.

All you need is a chair (or bench, if you desire) for this upper arm workout. Just as in the case of incline and decline pushups, a chair provides an excellent–and consistent–workout partner. Be sure to use one that is stable with a wide base and study legs to allow you the most support.

Tricep Dips on a Chair

TRICEP CHAIR DIPSit on the chair with your hands on the seat’s front edge, fingers facing forward. Slide forward until your bum is off the chair, keeping your arms straight and wrists under your shoulders. Prop yourself up just in front of the seat. Your feet should be flat on the floor, toes facing forward, and knees at a ninety degree angle.

Keeping your arms inline with your shoulders, dip down until your elbows are bent to about ninety degrees and your upper arms are about parallel with the floor. Be careful not to shrug your shoulders toward your ears. Your bum should just barely clear the front of the chair as you dip down; keep a straight back by pulling your belly button in toward your spine.

Push back up to your original position, without locking out your arms at the top.

Your core should remain engaged and the movement should be controlled throughout. If you feel unsteady, start with only five repetitions, and build your way up to three sets of ten over the course of four weeks.

Make the Move More Difficult:

ONE LEGGED TRICEP CHAIR DIPLift one foot off the floor, extending a leg straight out in front of you, while the other remains grounded. This will increase the load on your arms with less weight distributed to your legs.

You may also prop both feet up on an additional chair facing the chair your hands are on. Dipping down without the help of your feet on the floor enlists more gravity and makes this move highly challenging. This is not recommended, however, if you are prone to shoulder injury.


Love Your Arms with One Great Exercise

The triceps is one of the most forgiving muscles. Even if you have neglected your arms for a time through pregnancy or postpartum, the triceps tend to be highly responsive to resistance training, and create a noticeable difference in the appearance of your arms. Build your strength slowly and consistently, devoting even just one day a week to this exercise, and you will love the result.