The Absolute Most Comfortable Shoes for Women: 11 Chic Pairs That Won’t Murder Your Feet

When my feet hurt, it makes me borderline violent. Heels make me feel like my feet are being stabbed, all over, by tiny little evil armies of feet assassins. And ill-fitting shoes make my resting b*tch face even more pronounced. I choose comfort over fashion no matter if it’s date night or running around town. But just because I don’t want my feet to hurt doesn’t mean I will wear something unstylish or, gasp, athletic. Sneakers are not part of my standard wardrobe, and while they might be comfortable, they certainly don’t vibe with my usual boho look.

Dressing for a full day at Disneyland or volunteering at a long school event is tricky. Sometimes even your most comfortable shoes will bring you to your knees when worn for an extra long time. But don’t fret! These eleven fabulous pairs of comfortable shoes for women won’t murder your feet. All of these shoes are stylish and would fit perfectly into your current wardrobe. I asked a bunch of my friends for their recommendations (I take my comfort VERY seriously), and here is what we came up with. This list has something for everybody. And now I’m going to be poor because I want to buy them all. 

Check them out in the slideshow.

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