9 Majorly Stylish Nursing Dresses for Summer

As a fashion stylist and new mom, I’m always asked about what to wear during pregnancy. I can rattle off favorite designers and silhouettes at the drop of a hat. But the other day, a Facebook friend stumped me with a question: Are there ANY stylish dresses out there for nursing moms?

I admit—I was probably the least stylish stylist during the nine months that I nursed. I wore the same button down shirts All. The. Time. Also, I sorta shied from fancy social occasions because I felt majorly disheveled pumping in a public restroom. And (to be fair), I was a bit of a postpartum zombie due to lack of sleep and a colicky kid, so my cocktail convo wasn’t exactly at its A-game. 


But what if I had some easy, nursing-friendly wardrobe staples to get me out of my funk and back into the swing of socializing? I’d likely push myself (and my husband) out the door more. So for all the nursing mommas who might be reading this, here are some great nursing dresses to buy now and wear all summer and fall long!

Check them out in the slideshow.

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