9 Best LED Shoes for Kids That Light Up the Night

Now that my kids are out of school, they’re outside constantly. We live in a fabulous, walkable part of town and often walk to the store, dinner, and to and from the park. When it’s dark, I worry about my kids’ visibility on some streets nearby. Thank goodness LED shoes are so on trend right now for kids. I’ve seen my fair share of some pretty sweet LED shoes for kids at daycare drop-off, and it’s one thing I’m happy to buy for my sons.

Beyond being fun, they also make your kids more visible. LED shoes for kids run the gamut from everyday wear to special occasion shoes—who knew there were so many? Some even have wheels, and some are…well, downright hideous. I’ve weeded through them all to find the best of the best you can buy online: Here are nine pairs of LED shoes your kids will love, and won’t make you cringe as a parent either.

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