Sayonara, Thongs! Granny Panties Are Making a Comeback

Hot off the presses, (very) new mommas. Granny panties are making a comeback. And no, I’m not just trying to be nice because you’re toting around Tucks and a squirt bottle.

If you’re bummed that your post-baby bod isn’t looking the best in a silly, unsupportive thong, last week’s uber-popular New York Times story suggests that lingerie trends have got your back. The hottest panties on the market are actually perfect for new moms. Think cute, hip-hugging boy shorts. Highwaisted briefs with pin-up appeal. Bikinis that conceal versus crawl. Basically, underwear that embraces your curves—including those you earned while growing your baby.


So why the sudden switch away from thongs? Apparently, Generation Y’ers and Millennials just aren’t digging low-waisted pants. With normcore dressing and high-waisted denim trends being all the rage, the switch to comfy skivvies just seems obvious for the twenty-something set that drives fashion trends.

Obvi, this is a welcome switch for pretty young things who have the bodies to pull off the look in a very “didn’t mean to be sexy” way, but as a stylist and mom, I totally see the appeal for mommas of newborns who—let’s keep it real—are recovering from child birth and just aren’t ready to frolick around their bedrooms in butt floss.

I’ve pulled my top picks for majorly modern styles from hip lingerie lines that are taking the “granny” out of granny panties. Check ’em out in the slideshow.

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