4 Stylish Pieces You Need If You’re Nursing

When I gave birth I was so thrilled to be out of my very under-stocked maternity wardrobe I didn’t think about what would happen next. I gave birth, I showered, and I put on a pre-pregnancy T-shirt and tracksuit bottoms that in no way fit me. What a shocker. I then had to set about buying special clippable bras, pull-downable tops, and empty-belly-holding-in trousers. Here are the highlights of my special nursing wardrobe, most of which I still wear now two years later.

1. Dr Denim Jeans in Plenty



Buy it: Dr. Denim in Plenty – £29.95 

These jeans look super tight but secretly they’re ultra stretchy. The high waist supports your stomach (or the wedge of jelly formerly known as a stomach, if it’s anything like mine) so you feel warm and secure. The doctor really knows his stuff.

2. Amoralia Lace Trim Camisole


Buy it: Amoralia Camisole: £35.00–£59.00

OK, so this is supposed to be nightwear, but it is SO pretty, I would wear it with shirts or under jumpers or slubbed T-shirts. It is pretty and NOT overtly all about the engorged t*ts. These guys also make the BEST bras—pretty, sexy, and yet also great for feeding. Who thought that could be possible?!

3. Your Husband’s Shirts

Easy access, comfortable, and oh-so-chic with a pair of jeans. Enough said.

4. Seraphine Breton Striped Nursing Jumper


Buy it: Breton Striped Nursing Sweater – £49.00

The A-lister’s top choice (just ask Jessica Alba, Kate Middleton, and Mila Kunis), Seraphine makes chic clothes that just happen to be easily popped open at the right moment. This jumper is my favourite—and not one you bin as soon as feeding is over, either.

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