Ditch Your Boots! We’ve Got Eight Pairs of Spring Shoes Under $50

There are so many reasons to love the thawing of winter—heading to the playground, heading to the zoo, heading to the pool, basically heading anywhere that gets your stir-crazy kids out of your cooped-up house. But, the best part is the shoes! Spring shoes are so easy—throw on a pair with some jeans and a cute top, and you have yourself an outfit, am I right?

Now I could have gone crazy with heels, because the internet has exploded with some ridiculously amazing heels lately, but let's be realistic. Those suckers would sit in your closet and you'd feel guilty about them every time you opened it until finally you'd hide them in the back under a pile of sweaters so you can't see them anymore and completely forget they ever existed. Not that I know anything about that.

Instead, I rounded up ten pairs of flats and sandals that will take you from the coffee shop to the playground and maybe back to the coffee shop, depending on how rough a day you're having. 

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(And once I started, I couldn't stop… I have even more Spring shoes (including some really cute wedges!) over on Fabulistas, if you can believe it.)

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