mom street style camo

Mom & Mini Street Style: Camo Nation

On T: Black Bear Tee by Bodhitee, Camo Drawstring Pants by Zara Kids, Gray Ministripe onesie by BabyGap, Stripe Moose Socks by Robeez

Peek into my closet and you’ll find prints, patterns, and graphic tees poking out of every corner. For me, these are the parts of fashion that make dressing up fun. They’re the flavor, the punctuation mark, the conversation starter. And over the years, I’ve realized there are a few prints that transcend seasonal trends, so I’ve invested in these and mixed them up in my everyday mom outfits. One of my all time favorite prints for my mom street style—camo—looks all kinds of awesome on little dudes, so I’ve added this print to his closet, too.

When incorporating camo into our mom street style, striking a feminine balance against this masculine print is key.

Follow these easy ways to add glam or create a perfectly soft contrast to your army print look.

  • An armful of chunky gold bracelets
  • A head-turning shade of red lipstick
  • Highlighter yellow ballet flats
  • Soft, romantic (slightly sheer) tops
  • Relaxed lightweight sweaters 
  • A touch of lace, eyelet, or applique

I snapped these photos of T at the break of dawn—our little man is one early bird that beams the moment he wakes. Once we go through our getting ready routine, we’ll sprawl on his play mat while he scrambles after balls, squeals, tries to hug his “big bro,” Nap the corgi, and unloads and reloads all his toys into his tiny toy cart. This much activity at such an ungodly hour is still a harsh transition my mind and body are adjusting to. But the second T turns to me with his bright eyes and endless smile, the sleepiness fades and I feel ready and excited for the adventures that wait for us that day.

mom street style camo

mom street style camo

mom street style camo

mom street style camo


Mom Street Style - Camo Get the Look

Mom Street Style – Camo

Get the Look

Old Navy Camo Surplus Jacket

Everlane U-Neck Sweater

Zara Studded Ballet Flats

Levi’s 535 Legging

Stila Stay All Day Lip Gloss – Brick Red

Forever 21 Round Sunglasses

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