Stretchy Pant Style For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about the wonderfulness that we are blessed with – it is also about the FOOD. Let’s put together an outfit that addresses both – and leaves room for dessert!


The first rule of Thanksgiving dressing (see what I did there?) is an expandable waistband. Anything else and you will, in fact, feel like the stuffed turkey you just ate.  But stretchy pants do not have to look awful if you follow a few simple rules.

1. They must be made from a thick material. If you put them on and there is a sheen to where you can see through them – put them back.  You want a strong, sturdy knit here.  It will give a better line in the end and, quite frankly, you should always buy quality.  I love these INC International Concepts Pants, Skinny Leg Pull On Ponte Knit from Macy’s.

2. The top you wear with leggings MUST COVER YOUR TUSH. All the way.  There are no exceptions to the rule ever. Doubt me? Ask your grandmother.  I’ll wait.

3. To keep some shape but still be comfortable, find a top that comes in a bit at the waist – or even belts. I love this comfortable Open Front Cardigan from Old Navy.

4. Shoes can go either direction depending on your event. If your pants are of great quality and resemble pants more than yoga leggings, feel free to be bold with some great pumps or heels.  I tend to prefer to be in flats or flat boots for sheer comfort since we’re at home for Thanksgiving. These Charles David black riding boots are some personal favorites. 

Here’s to a wonderful, delicious, stylish and storied Thanksgiving to all of you.  May your holidays be filled with fun, laughter, memories and PIE!