Mommy Must Haves: Rainy Day

I admit part of the reason I left the East Coast was because of winter, alright it was a big part of the reason.


Now that I’m here in sunny Los Angeles I find myself having that “grass is always greener” feeling, missing weather. Last week we actually got rain! It’s a big weather event when Los Angeles gets rain, roads shut down, people look at the sky and wonder what is falling, I’m only half kidding. The forcast for this weekend also calls  for more rain. In honor of our major weather system moving through, this week I’m all about rain gear.

Ruffled Melissa Trench $645

Yes I admit it is pricey, but a girl can dream can’t she? Plus a great trench coat makes any rainy day seem like it’s raining sunshine.

Manni by Juicy Courture  $99

A great pair of rain boots is essential for making it throw winter downpours. I love that rainboots these days are cute enough to wear even after the clouds have parted.

Helen Kaminski Enu Wide Brim Rain Hat $98

A great rain hat adds character and an air of sophistication, as well as keeping your hair from becoming a sopping mess.

Totes Bubble Umbrella $19

While I am not a fan of umbrellas, too many almost eye pokes walking in NYC, this one is just too cute to pass up. A little bit of “That Girl” don’t you think?

Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate$18

The best part about a rainy day, curling up in the house listening to the drops on the roof and what better way then with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, sometimes I even spike it.

Handmade Mug $28

These mugs just make me smile, even bigger when filled with steaming hot chocolate.