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Real Moms Share Their Cold and Cough Home Remedies

– Elizabeth from Taunton, MA

When my kids get sick they ask for the “Sick Song.” It’s just a silly song I made up when my son was a toddler and had a cold, but it’s become a family tradition. I lie in bed and rub their heads while singing the “Sick Song” and although it has never cured a cold, it does seem to make them feel better.


– Emma from Denver, CO

My mom’s delicious chicken soup from scratch was the all the penicillin we needed at my house! Even though I have the recipe I’ve never been quite able to duplicate it.

– Nora from Grosse Point Shores, MI

My mom had a fluffy white robe that I loved when I was a little girl. She would never let me wear it except when I was sick. Being wrapped in that comfy-cozy fluffy robe felt like I was enveloped by a cloud. I still miss it.

– Susan from Bradford, OH

Whenever I had the sniffles my mom would serve me what she called the “Get-Well Meal” which was canned tomato soup with crushed corn chips sprinkled it and grilled cheese that I was allowed to dip into my steaming bowl. I thought it was the most delicious dish. 

– Christine from NYC, NY

Whenever I had a sore throat as a kid I would get popsicles. My mom was pretty strict about sweets, but she always allowed cherry-flavored popsicles to soothe my aching throat. I almost would wish to get sick whenever I had a sugar craving!

– Julia from Des Moines, IA

My parents wouldn’t let me miss school unless I was on my deathbed, so they would just send me on my way to the bus dressed in extra layers and clutching a handful of tissues. The cold would pass in a few days, so their treatment choice was just to wait it out. I take a more traditional approach with my kids: if they’re sick they stay home; they get better quicker and don’t’ infect the rest of the students.

– Stephanie Brookline, MA

I make a concoction for my kids that my grandfather used to make for me: apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and a spoonful of honey all topped off with just-boiled water. I have the kids drink it right before bed and they will wake up feeling better.

– Kery from Brooklyn, NY

My cure-all? OJ hot water and tabasco. The kids don’t love it, but they drink it and it clears them right up.

– Connie from Perham, ME

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