10 Beauty Buys Under $10 to Snag at Trader Joe’s

I’ve always been a drugstore beauty junkie. Back in my single days living in New York, I usually couldn’t scrape together more than $5 for any given product, and I became obsessed with the offerings at my local corner shops. These days, the new wave of affordable beauty can be found even more conveniently: right at the grocery store.

Turns out, there’s more to celebrate at Trader Joe’s beyond their awesomely affordable wine section and family-meal staples. From face serums to cleansing wipes to argan oil, TJ’s offers tons of effective products for nearly every beauty concern. It’s no wonder that beauty bloggers everywhere have been going crazy for these affordable products.


I read up on the top picks and popped into my local TJ’s to check them out and put together a must-have list for your next Trader Joe’s run. The best part of this experiment? Everything on the list is under $10, making them all no-brainers. Scroll through to see my favorite beauty products from Trader Joe’s.