20 Quick & Easy Updos For Your Craziest Mornings

My hair is about halfway between shoulder-length and long, and it hangs pretty straight with a bit of wave unless I put a lot of effort into more of a “style.” Left to its own devices, it’s basically Boring Mom Hair. But let’s be honest, with one busy toddler and another baby on the way, I don’t exactly have heaps of time to style it. In fact, most days I’m lucky if I even get to wash it! And our mornings fall under the category of “frantic” (I’m sure you can relate).

As a mom, I rely on lipstick, coffee, and bobby pins to pull things together. I might be elbow-deep in spilled bubble solution, dirty diapers, or dishes, but I need to look (and feel) like a human whenever possible. Enter my favorite trick: the easy updo! Any hairstyle that takes just minutes and can be performed on dirty or fresh-from-the-shower tresses? Sign me up. Here are my favorites.


More Hair Ideas:

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