6 Genius Ways to Deal with Sweat That Will Change Your Life

Let’s be real. Whether you call it perspiration (because you are a lady, after all) or just plain ol’ sweat, we’ve got to deal with it somehow. For me, sweat isn’t just limited to summertime. Between running after the kids and what seems like a nonstop sprint from the time I wake up until the time my kids go to bed, I’m dealing with sweat no matter if it’s 100 degrees or 10 below. Sweat is just one of those things I deal with on a daily basis, and I tend to sweat a lot, which sucks. But I’ve learned how to manage it, and if you’re in the same boat, here’s how to deal with sweat, stay dry, and look cool in any season.

Apply antiperspirant at night

Though swiping an antiperspirant after a shower is an ingrained habit, it’s actually more practical and useful to do so at night before you go to bed. You’re inactive at night and thus don’t sweat nearly as much, so your antiperspirant is able to block your pores (and combat sweat) far more effectively. Just make sure you’re using an antiperspirant (like Secret Clinical Strength) and not just a deodorant; the latter only combats odor.

Find clothes that adapt to the temps

Look for protective attire. Advanced technology and innovative designs mean that you never have to work out in raggedy old tanks and shorts again. Seek out clothes that are designed to adapt to your body temperature (like this Athleta Fastest Track Tank, $44). Many will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to this feature. (Bonus points for clothes that are made with silver salts, which keep them fresh and odor free.)

Don’t forget your feet

Protect your feet. It’s not just your underarms that get soaked. Whether due to hot weather or a rigorous workout, sweat can affect your feet, too. This results in odor (ugh!) and bacteria (which can lead to the development of conditions like athlete’s foot). Nip this in the bud with a pair of protective socks (like Drymax Sport Socks), that pull moisture from the skin and leave feet feeling drier.

Avoid white

It seems a little counter-intuitive to avoid white during summer, but if you’re plagued by yellow pit stains, you know it’s probably for the best. Steer clear of lighter shades that will undoubtedly show off sweat. Instead of swapping for a dark solid, opt for patterned tops (like a nautical stripe or vintage plaid, both of which refresh your look instantly).

Get better accessories

If you know you’re going to be engaging in a heavy duty workout or steamy yoga class, rock the right accessories. A headband will soak up forehead sweat and keep it from irritating your eyes. A towel will prevent feet from slipping. Wrist bands are your best friends when you’re logging miles on an early summer morning.

Learn to live with it

This sounds a little ridiculous at first, but the reality is that sweat happens, and often time the answer is to learn how to better live with it, rather than banish it. The easiest way to live with sweat is to choose breathable clothes. Lightweight fabrics made of cotton or linen are ideal for warm weather. A lighter fabric wicks moisture from the skin, while heavier materials (like silk, nylon, and viscose) repel water and prevent sweat absorption. A little sweat is going to happen no matter what you do, but you’ll feel cooler in a forgiving fabric.

image: Getty/Keith Wright

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