The 10 Best Concealers That Hide Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

My son loves nothing more than waking up at the crack of dawn and jumping in our bed, Superman style…only to pass out three minutes later. Isn’t he so lucky to be able to wake up and go back to sleep at the drop of a hat? For me, that’s not the case. Once I’m up, I’m up. Needless to say, sleep is a luxury I’ve learned to live largely without, and I felt like you could really see the effects of sleeplessness on my face. For so long, I blamed the dark circles under my eyes on my kids.

But did you know that those circles may be caused by something other than lack of sleep? Factors such as hyperpigmentation due to excessive sun exposure and oxygenated blood visible through the delicate eye area can also cause darkness. No matter the cause, there are some pretty darned good solutions. Check out the slideshow for the ten best concealers that hide dark circles.

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