8 Resolutions You Made–& You Totally Need To Get Over

You already decided what you do want to do in 2015, but there are a few resolutions of the beauty variety that you definitely should toss to the wind. Here are eight beauty resolutions that are more trouble than they’re worth—and what you can do instead.


You vowed to lose weight.

Banish words like “quit” and even “lose”—as in, “I’m going to quit eating all carbs so that I can lose twenty pounds.” You’re setting yourself up for disappointment twofold here: first, giving up an entire food group is largely unnecessary; and second, you’ll end up disheartened if your end goal isn’t met even after dismissing bread from your life. Recreate this resolution into something achievable, manageable, and sensible, such as “I’m going to make some small changes to my eating habits.” What are those changes? Base them on your weaknesses—maybe you’ll curb that four-cocktails-a-week habit to two, or replace your daily bowl of ice cream with the occasional bowl of fruit. The key is to make positive changes slowly, because the all or nothing approach rarely works and is difficult to sustain.

You said you’d switch up your style this year.

It’s one thing to take a style risk or two—maybe adopt a funky trend just for the fun of it. But to truly step outside of your comfort zone in every way—new clothing, new shoes, new makeup—can throw your entire world for a loop. Not only will you be replacing your tried-and-true basics for new basics, you’ll be spending and spending…and spending. Consider the art of subtlety—you’ll appreciate small changes, like an unexpected print mixed into your work wardrobe, far more than you will anything drastic.

You resolved to be more like Bey.

Pop culture has invaded our world to the point where “real” beauty is no longer appreciated—or even desired. While this is an issue especially prevalent amongst young women, it’s worth noting than celebrity influence does not discriminate. From fitness trends to insanely sculpted features, celebrities tout all manner of beauty and style ideals. While some are certainly attainable and realistic, a majority of them are reserved for the celebrity set—and are therefore best left to the red carpet.  

You gave up following trends. 

Some trends look so crazy and unapproachable on the runway that it’s almost impossible to imagine working them in the real world. Yet there are ways to rock catwalk-chic styles without looking like you’ve just stepped out of Forever 21. The key here is not to go big or go home, but to take baby steps. Is some insane shade of pink the hottest color of the moment? Use it to accent a neutral-toned ensemble. Are leather pants the big thing? Invest in a pair of cheap leggings and pair them with a lengthy tunic for a more polished take on the look. Don’t overspend on trendy pieces that will expire in a few months.

You decided to change up your hair in a big way.

You’ve been thinking about chopping off ten inches. Or you’ve thought about getting bangs against the advice of every hairstylist you’ve ever met. Whatever the hair dream you’ve harbored over the years, you probably will end up regretting it if you suddenly take the plunge just because it’s a new year. Go ahead and lop off your locks if it’s something you really want—it’s always awesome to treat yourself to a much-desired change. Just don’t do it in the name of “new year, new you” hocus pocus. The new year does not require a new version of an already fabulous you.

You made it your goal to only shop the sale racks.

Saving money is great, obviously. But if you shop with your sale goggles on all year, you’ll close out 2015 with a pile of products filed under “What was I thinking?” There’s nothing wrong with nabbing a lip gloss marked down at the drugstore or a couple of cardigans for half off at Target, but don’t make the mistake of buying a leopard-print satchel or a bright purple eyeliner you would never purchase otherwise just because they’re on clearance. Sometimes there’s a reason those items are marked down, ladies.

You’ve resolved to look great every day.

There is nothing wrong with looking your best. In fact, it’s right—and wonderful—to look and feel like a million bucks daily. Life is too short not to dress up, wear your favorite lipstick, and rock your best shoes. But there’s also a fine line between being your personal best and perfection. The definition for beauty perfection reads like a laundry list of celebrity demands: immaculately coiffed hair, heavily contoured makeup, stunning figure. Your own “perfect,” though, is imperfect. It’s you without Photoshop, without concern for acne scars, a few extra pounds, or a messy strand or two. It’s just you—perfect.

You’ve sworn you’ll wake up earlier.  

This almost goes without saying, but here it is, in plain English: You need that beauty sleep more than almost anything else. And because sleep is such a valuable commodity in this insanely busy day and age, you deserve to milk every hour for all it’s worth. Don’t forgo even a minute of shut-eye. Lay out your clothes the night before, get the kids’ lunches prepared in advance, and enjoy the extra time in bed.

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