Bikini Wax 101: At Home or Go Pro?

With little ones, it’s important to be beach/pool ready at all moments in summertime so as not to miss the precious moments. Being prepared for swimsuit season is a daunting prospect. Being hairless at all times seems tiresome but doesn’t have to be! With a couple tips and tricks you can achieve a hairless bikini-ready bod in seconds. Here are the various ways to get a bikini ready wax.


Professional waxing:

Professional waxing is the best method in my opinion. While it’s not super-pleasant, it will leave you smooth for about five weeks. Area options include underarms, legs, bikini line, and Brazilian (everything down there gone). There is no shaving in between really, and hair grows back less and less as you continue treatments. When looking for places to get these treatments done, be sure to go to either a spa or a specialist. There are Brazilian waxing salons around the US that use numbing creams to help cut pain, and spas use specialized processes to help make the treatment more pleasant. Another tip if you are going to for a bigger treatment: take a Tylenol beforehand to ease the pain. Talking a lot through your treatment helps distract you as well.  

At home waxing:

The at-home method of waxing is great if you’re in a pinch and don’t want to shave. Make sure to do any waxing one day prior to being seen. Waxing can cause redness and irritation. I recommend doing any at home waxing after showering and before bed. By morning you will be fresh and hairless.

Want to wax at home? Here’s how:

Step 1: Prep skin by cleaning with a baby wipe or in the shower.

Step 2: Apply wax to desired area. 

Step 3: Press wax strip into skin in repetitive motions to keep wax heated through with body heat. I like to press strip upward against hair direction.

Step 4:When ready, pull strip quickly against hair flow to remove hair.  


Easy and you can do it whenever needed. Make sure to get a high quality razor to help get a clean shave as well as help with moisturizing the area. Three-bladed razors usually do the trick. Also, make sure to get a moisturizing shaving cream to help get a close shave. If in a pinch, hair conditioner works well too. The bonus of shaving is you get an exfoliation as well.  

Hair depilatories:

At home depilatories have come a long way from the old-school Nair commercials. We now have cooling agents included to help sooth the skin during the process. Apply cream to clean area. Wait instructed time to remove hair in upward strokes. See brand for timing specifications. Wash area with lukewarm water and gentle soap.

Preventing ingrowns:

To avoid ingrown hairs (hairs that grow under skin to cause irritation), exfoliate daily with buffing brush. Use brush to exfoliate working in circular motions. This will help slough off dead skin and free hairs.

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