How to Wear Nude Lipstick Without Looking Washed Out

I don't know about you, but it seems like every other girl but me can rock a nude lip without looking like they just died. Nude lips can be tricky if it's too white for your skin tone, and for some who don't whiten their teeth regularly, it can seem like your teeth look darker too! Want to know how to wear nude lipstick without looking washed out? Follow these simple steps and find out!


1. Exfoliate: Don't have a good exfoliator? Take a pea sized amount of Vaseline and equal parts granulated sugar, mix together, and scrub scrub scrub away the dead skin. 

2. Moisturize: Lip balm is your lips' best friend when it comes to lipstick application. Not only will it help the lipstick glide on seamlessly, but it will protect the sensitive skin of your lips from UV rays. Your lips will also soak in all the moisturizer—making them plump and hydrated—so when you apply your lipstick it will last longer because it's not soaking in the product.

3. Line Your Lips: Using a pencil close to your lipstick shade, line your lips for more dimension and fullness.

4. Apply Lipstick: Lather that badboy on!

5. Line…Again!: Here's the trick to getting gorgeous nude lips—Line the INSIDE of your lips with a flesh-toned light pink pencil! The reason you look washed out is because your teeth are against the bright nude color, making them look darker too. If you have a darker color on the inside of your lips it will contrast against your teeth, making them look whiter, and leaving your lips the perfect nude.

6. Gloss: Apply lip gloss if you want a sexy shine. If you're going for a matte look, opt out of this step!

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