Puma And Cybex Have Teamed Up To Help Get Us In Shape

I looooove Cybex. My day-to-day stroller is the Cybex Priam. It’s so sturdy and smooth, it gets me through every bump in the road without even waking up my son. In fact it’s so smooth, I’ve actually gone running using it, which if you look at it is pretty hard to believe because it’s a big stroller with a ton of storage options (I have it covered in Skip Hop accessories…). While I never thought there was an issue with running with my current stroller, when I had the chance to try out the Cybex x Puma Avi I was blown away at how the running stroller made everything even easier.

It seems obvious that a stroller designed especially for running would be easier than my Priam, but because my running has always been seemingly effortless I didn’t truly comprehend how much easier till I tried the Avi. I was hitting the same speeds that I do running without my son!

The Puma x Cybex collection includes two styles.

The Zeno ($949.95) is a 4-in-1 stroller which can be pushed, pulled, or even attached to a bike or skis, while the Avi ($629.95) is a lightweight sport stroller, ideal for running. Both products feature reflective elements and protective Puma ‘stand guards’ on strategic areas of the strollers to allow for optimal visibility at any time of the day.

It won’t be long before it gets too cold to run outside, so I’m enjoying every last moment and hopefully inspiring my son to get active along the way!

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