Mommy Must-Have: Bentley Toddler Stroller/Trike

We all know the Doona Trike and don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic, but if you’re looking for something a little more….shall we say, bougie, it’s pretty hard to top Bentley’s Toddler Stroller/Trike. And yes, it’s actually made by Bentley. Everything from the harness to the seat is luxe and meticulously detailed (just like it would be in a car!) and there’s a beautifully curved adjustable canopy and peak-a-boo window.


While you can start using the Bentley from around 6 months, it will probably be when your little one is closer to 9 months that he or she will really start enjoying it. You can then configure the stroller/trike so that it grows with your child – basically until they’re riding a two-wheel bike, you can use the Bentley (see here for the various configurations).

What I like about this – besides the obvious fact that it looks better than any competitor I’ve seen – is that there’s actually  a good amount of storage, which is key in the early stages when you’re using the Bentley as a stroller. It has both a storage basket and a pouch (most other brands just have a storage bag). Sure they’re small compared to my “real” stroller (Cybex Priam), but it’s more than enough for me not to have to take a diaper/handbag when I’m using the Bentley.

The only downside with this as compared to something like the Doona is that the Bentley doesn’t fold up to be compact.