This Food Brand Is Promising To Help With Your Period (And It’s Not Chocolate…)

More and more women are looking for holistic ways to help their bodies transition off the pill; that was certainly my situation after I had my son, which is what intrigued me about Food Period.

The brand’s aim is to make functional food products that support women’s menstrual cycles. Their first product is a set of energy bites, called Moon Bites, which are the first and only product commercializing the functional nutrition practice of seed syncing (or seed cycling). Seed syncing is commonly recommended by integrative health practitioners to help women regulate periods, manage symptoms of endocrine disorders like PCOS (which I have), and/or promote fertility.

What exactly does seed syncing involve and how does it help with your period?

Seed syncing is a practice that has women eat a combination of seeds (think flax, pumpkin, sesame, sunflower…) daily, depending on which phase of the menstrual cycle they’re in. Each seed contains a micronutrient or chemical compound that can help a woman’s body better modulate the production and elimination of estrogen and progesterone, whose fluctuations characterize the follicular (days 1-14) and luteal (15-28) phases of a woman’s cycle.


Food Period is basically simplifying this practice by delivering customers organic ready-to-eat bites with all the required seeds. They have them in monthly bundles to cover all of the menstrual cycle phases. While I haven’t personally tried them (I’m still waiting to get my period back after having my son), they have seemingly endless rave reviews crediting their bites for making seed syncing easy while helping ease many of the noxious symptoms associated with periods.



How do you manage your period symptoms?

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