The Doctor Developed Pickle Ice Cream You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

Nightfood ice cream credits itself as being the first sleep-friendly ice cream. If you’re anything like me every ice cream worth eating has enough sugar in it to make you fall asleep, but with their newest launch Nightfood is truly doing something that will catch your eye. The brand has teamed up with the American Pregnancy Association and Lamaze to launch a new ice cream flavor called “Pickles for Two.” Yes, pickle flavored ice cream! The founder worked with doctors, nutritionists, sleep experts and more to formulate it.

Officially recommended by the American Pregnancy Association for pregnancy cravings, this new flavor of Nightfood was formulated to be easier to digest and cause less heartburn, both of which are major disrupters to sleep quality in pregnancy (I got less sleep pregnant than I did with a newborn because of relentless heartburn).


pickle ice cream

The ice cream itself contains approximately 70% less sugar, 70% fewer calories and 10% of the fat of traditional ice cream, but unlike many other low calorie options, no sugar alcohol sweeteners (ex: erythritol, xylitol) and no artificial sweeteners are used – this is key because those cane sugar alternatives usually cause major bloating, which can lead to discomfort any time of day. Pickles for Two is also made with magnesium, which is helpful for the leg cramps many women experience in the third trimester (incidentally, pickle juice helps with those cramps as well). 

All that said, this isn’t to suggest that you should be using this ice cream as a sleep aid or view it as a “health food,” but rather if you’re one of the millions of pregnant women already eating ice cream between dinner and bed on any given night, Nightfood might be a better choice – and yes, we tried the pickle flavor and it’s actually refreshing and oddly addicting. 

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