How to Remove Your Baby’s Snot Safely

Your mom will probably tell you that when you were young all she used to remove your snot with was a tissue – and most parents still opt for this route. But there’s an easier and cleaner way. Booger pickers! Also known as nasal aspirators, these handy gadgets are designed to quickly suction mucus out of your baby’s nose. It’s best to do this before a feeding as a clear nose can help a baby more easily consume milk/formula. Because at some point — and almost certainly in the depths of winter — you’re going to wonder how remove your baby’s snot or mucus.

One note of caution, while they’re innocuous, avoid using nasal aspirators more than three or four times a day as using them too frequently may cause irritation. Here’s are the best gadgets to remove your baby’s snot safely:



This is the most popular option, so don’t be grossed out by the visual on the box! NoseFrida is designed to allow the care-giver to suck out baby’s snot using a mouthpiece and “snot straw” – no snot will get in your mouth, it all goes into a disposable filter (unlike what you might think from looking at the packaging…). It’s easy to use and doesn’t go into baby’s nose, just the outside of the nostril.

The BoogieBulb

The BoogieBulb bills itself as the original hospital-grade nasal aspirator. It comes in 1-oz., 2-oz. and 3-oz bulb sizes that work especially well for newborn’s tiny little noses.


This two-sided Oogiebear wand is designed to catch both dry and wet boogers and the bear on each side acts as a stopper to make sure you don’t go in too deep.

Watolt Nasal Aspirator

For a “high tech” option the Watolt Nasal Aspirator comes with two reusable silicon shapes – one for children over 2 years of age, the other for newborn babies. It also plays music and blinks colorful light to distract baby while you’re getting out those boogers.

Braun Nasal aspirator

The aspirator has two tip sizes and it also has two suction levels and the parts are dishwasher safe.

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