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These 5 Moves Can Help With C-Section Recovery

The fourth trimester is no joke, especially if you’ve had a traumatic birth experience. While many people assume C-sections are by definition traumatic, especially if they’re emergencies, that’s not always the case – particularly for women lucky enough to have a so-called French C-section. No matter how great the birth experience is, however, a C-section is major abdominal surgery and will inevitably require a certain amount of pain and recovery time.

There are plenty of products on the market for helping with the aesthetics of the actual scar like these Silicone Patches from Belly Bandit (just place the sheet directly over healed and closed incision area) as well as clothing like specially designed underwear and shorts (Belly Bandit is a leader in those as well), but there is very little talk about how to actually move your body to help with recovery. If anything women are told to take it easy, which is important – but so is moving mindfully and safely. With that in mind we turned to Leah Keller, the founder of Every Mother, an online platform offering research-based exercise programming, and asked her to single out the best moves to help with C-section recovery.

When cleared by your doctor, do each of the exercises below for the recommended amount of time/reps before moving on to the next one, taking as little time as needed between each move. Kegels are mentioned throughout Keller’s workout and you can read more about them here.

These 5 Moves Can Help With C-Section Recovery

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