Sesame Street

Vaccine PSAs From Sesame Street Aim To Educate Parents

Even Muppet parents are getting the COVID-19 vaccine!

Sesame Workshop has teamed up with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ad Council to educate parents about COVID-19 vaccines. And while it may seem ridiculous to some that folks need to be educated about the importance of getting vaccinated by Elmo and the rest of the Sesame Street gang, many of us grew up with these beloved characters and if adults find them relatable enough to convince them to get their shots, so be it.

In the PSAs, Elmo’s dad Louie encourages fellow parents to take the time to get their shots. “Lots of grownups are getting the COVID-19 vaccine,” Louie tells viewers in a video titled, Feeling Hopeful with Elmo and Louie. “Soon, lots of us will be able to do our favorite things again. I can’t wait. That’s why I got the COVID-19 vaccine — so me and my family and neighbors can get back to playdates, trips, cookouts, and sports.” Same, Louie. Same.

“Getting back to the activities children and families love starts with grownups getting vaccinated…With help from the Sesame Street Muppets, we can harness the power of Sesame Workshop and the reach of the Ad Council to help adults understand why it’s important to get vaccinated, where to learn more, and how to build hope for sunnier days ahead,” Samantha Maltin, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Sesame Workshop said in a statement.

In another PSA, Louie and Elmo discuss how getting a COVID-19 vaccine is an important part of staying healthy. And a third features a montage of a variety of Sesame Street characters enjoying hugs, playdates, games, and get-togethers post-vaccination as the letter U sings a unique version of Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

All three PSAs guide parents and caregivers to bilingual resources about COVID-19 vaccines, including how to get a vaccine, information on the safety and efficacy of vaccines, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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