These Soothing Foot Soaks Were Made For Busy Moms With Sore Feet

Guess what? I’m literally soaking my achy, tired mom-feet in one of my favorite soothing foot soaks right now. I mean, why not? The kids are asleep, I’ve got something cheesy on Netflix, and after schlepping up and down subway steps, to and from school, the grocery store — most of which while carrying a 2-year-old — my feet are killing me and I deserve a break! My feet deserve a soothing foot soak, dammit.

Not only are my feet tired, they’re cracked, too. Foot soaks can fix that though. Most of them combine epsom salts with essential oils or citrus fruit to combat dry, cracked feet. And they smell divine, to boot. I chose a soothing Coconut Lime Foot Soak which probably explains why I’m craving key lime pie right now. If you’re an overworked mama with tired-a*s feet, check out this list of totally awesome and soothing foot soaks, because you deserve a break, too.