Resolutions I won't be making this year

All The Resolutions I WON’T Be Making This Year

Every year I make New Year’s Resolutions. I’m a sucker for enjoying a new start and setting intentions for a fresh year. I am also notorious for not completely following through on them.

Which got me thinking about the resolutions I won’t be making this year. Sometimes I’m so focused on what I want to achieve, I forget to contemplate on what I don’t want to do in the new year.

Some of them are bad habits, while others are just behaviour patterns that I need to put to rest. Do you have some habits like that? Here are all the things I’m going to stop doing in the year ahead:

I won’t be worrying about what other people think of me. This is something I’ve struggled with over the last few years. I think I imagine others’ expectations of myself and sometimes I make decisions based on those imaginary attitudes. Yet I’ve come to realise that only I know what is going to work for me and for my family. So 2017 is going to be the year I stop caring about what others think and do things that align with what feels right for me.

I’m not going to worry about money. Easier said than done, I know. I think it’s important to be financially savvy with money by making wise decisions like not spending every pay cheque and putting money aside for investments. But I have sometimes found myself worrying about needing more money and dwelling too much on future financial matters that I can’t control or predict. I know it takes time to build wealth, little by little so I’m going to remind myself not to feel anxious about how much I have. I also think it’s important to practice gratitude because a full bank account doesn’t always mean a happy life.

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I’m going to stop making excuses to not exercise. I feel good when I’ve done some exercise. It gives me a clear head and clarity in thought. I feel so much more productive after exercise. I just need to remember the benefits of moving my body and to turn this into a daily habit.

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I will stop eating chocolate for lunch and be intentional with my food choices. I’m ashamed to admit this behaviour, but it’s true. Lunch time for me is something I grab as I run to the computer, because it’s when my younger girls nap (or have some quiet time), so that’s the time I work. I don’t like wasting precious minutes making myself lunch, so I will grab a chocolate bar instead. To combat this bad habit, I’m going to get more organised with my lunches and have salads ready in the fridge so I can grab one and eat it at my desk.

I will stop playing down compliments and using negative self-talk. I think these two behaviours go hand-in-hand and I see myself doing both frequently. I get a compliment and play it down thinking ‘anyone can do what I do’ or ‘I’m a hot-mess mum. I honestly don’t look this good every day.’ This year, I’m going to take the compliment, say thank you and add it to my pride chest. I’m going to stop expecting perfection from myself and beating myself down when I don’t meet my high standards. I’ve slowly started to do this, but, gosh, it’s still a work in progress.

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I will stop saying yes to everything. I have a real fear of missing out. And I often look at every opportunity as the last opportunity I will ever get. Sometimes no has to be the answer to save my sanity and to leave a margin for when unexpected challenges require more of my attention.  Life is busy and I can’t do everything.

I won’t fight sleep. I am notorious for filling in my spare time with work or chores. And sometimes sleep is sacrificed to get more done. Sleep is important and I know if I’m going to be the best I can be each day, I can’t afford to not have enough sleep. I’m making a goal to go to bed the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning.

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If I can manage to do all the above, I’m in for a great 2017. It could even be my best year yet. You?

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