Gerber Sued for Allegedly Making False Claims About its Baby Formula


One of the biggest names in the baby food industry is being sued for false advertising by the Federal Trade Commission.

Gerber Products, a division of Nestle, has been charged with falsely claiming that its Good Start Gentle formula was the first to meet government approval for reducing the risk of allergies in children, according to a report by The Today Show. But, the government says that Gerber has no scientific evidence to support its claims.


In a filing on Thursday, the FTC said it wants Gerber to pull its claim from labels and advertisements and may ask the court to require Gerber to issue refunds for the $20-plus packages sold since 2011, according to the report.

Kevin Goldberg, Gerber vice president and general counsel, says that the company did not violate the law. “We believe we have met, and will continue to meet, all legal requirements to make these product claims,” he told the Associated Press.

Photo: Getty