Mommy Must-Have: Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced 

If you plan on formula feeding your baby, Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro Advanced is a game-changing machine that will make your life sooo much easier. It’s basically a Nespresso for making bottles. Not only does it make a bottle in seconds, you can choose what temperature the bottle will be (from three settings) and the size (2-10 ounces). It’s one of the most popular items on baby registries.

I want to preface this feature by highlighting that I’ve had extensive conversations with the team at Baby Brezza because I know many parents are concerned about machines like Baby Brezza accurately dispensing formula. Not only is the Baby Brezza accurate, but it is more accurate than hand mixing because it measures the formula by weight, not by scoop (when you hand scoop, depending on where the formula is taken from in the canister, the formula will be more or less densely packed).


Unlike many competitors, Baby Brezza is meticulous about testing and re-testing how their machines function with all of the formulas they are compatible with. When you install the machine you input which formula you are using using the app and it will tell you what setting to set your machine on. Then, as long as you clean the machine’s funnel after every four uses (you are promoted to do this) and do a “deep clean” monthly, there should be zero concerns about accurately dispensing formula.

There is a version of the Baby Brezza formula maker with wifi and one without. I don’t find the wifi that useful because the machine is so fast. I get to the kitchen, press the button and in seconds my bottle is ready to go. If you do want to, however, make a bottle from another room, the wifi version lets you make a bottle with the press of a button on your phone.

There are few things I can truly say have made my life as a mom easier, but this is without a doubt one of them, so I want to once again go back to the issue of accuracy because I know it’s a common reason not to get this machine and it’s unfortunate. When you’re a new mom every minute saved is precious. Plus, mixing a bottle – especially if your baby prefers warm bottles – in the middle of the night when you’re half asleep is not ideal any way you slice it.

To help alleviate concerns I wanted to share insight from the brand’s research and development team below.

“We are 100% confident in the Formula Pro’s ability to make an accurate formula bottle every time. Yes some users have complained about the Formula Pro not dispensing accurately. We find in nearly all of these situations, the user is not following all of the set-up and usage instructions. For ex, some users think the powder setting is the same as the number of ounces OR they don’t clean the mixing funnel after every 4 bottles even though the machine prompts you too. Others let the powder fall below the Min line. When any of these situations occur, the machine won’t work properly.

Also many people use a flawed test called the Bag Test to try to gauge the Formula Pro’s accuracy. This test can restrict the opening of the mixing funnel where formula dispenses by up to 25% which will lead to a flawed result. We did create and publicize the official Formula Pro Accuracy Test a few months ago. You can see it and try it for yourself. In response to concerns about the Formula Pro’s accuracy, you can also see here.

It’s also worth pointing out the hand scooping can be very inaccurate. Some studies have shown hand scooping can have a 25% variation between scoops because typically no two scoops of formula powder are the same. Some have too much, some have too little, and some of the powder is spilled when it’s poured into the bottle. The Formula Pro on the other hand dispenses the proper amount of formula every time based on the formula to water ratio listed on the package.”