Take The Time

Time, time, time.  It’s a constant race against the clock as a mom, whether we are talking about our age, our work load, our kids growing up too fast, or our bodies.  

Working out often ends up in last place when it comes to our daily schedule and what needs to get done. Especially when we think we need to block out an hour or more a day in order to have an effective workout that is going to give us the changes in our bodies that we really want.  We often feel that if we don’t have that hour or more to exercise then what the heck is the point?

But what if I told you that in less than 30 minutes you could burn 500 calories or more? And you could do this workout with or without a gym membership! It will be hard, you will be out of breath and you will definitely be sweating, but I promise you will see fast results doing this work out twice a week and you will feel it all over your body.

Wondering what the catch is or what “product” I am going to try and sell you? Well, you are the catch and you are the product. That’s right – Y.O.U. You actually have to push yourself and work hard for less than 30 minutes, no matter how badly you want to stop.  This is not only an exercise of the body, but one of the mind. Complete stamina and strength conditioning, pushing yourself to go harder and faster each time.  

As a mom, you should have no trouble doing this because it’s what you do every moment of your day. You push yourself to take care of everyone and everything before yourself on a daily basis and most of the time you do it with a smile.  Twice a week, take 30 minutes and give complete focus to  Y.O.U. and see the pounds fly away.

Check back tomorrow for the Y.O.U. workout plan!

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