Purchasing a Jogging Stroller That Is Right for You

Congratulations on your new baby! Now that those first six (or more) weeks are under your belt, you are ready to start whittling your waistline. Walking or jogging are smart and easy ways to get back into the cardio routine slowly, and they a wonderful way to bond with your little one.


Of all the purchases you will make for your baby, one of your most valuable investments is a quality baby jogger.

So Many Jogging Strollers….

There are many brands of jogging strollers on the market to choose from. Baby Jogger  is the original, its F.I.T. stroller still their most popular seller, but since its conception more than twenty years ago, several competitors have fine-tuned the initial design.

How Old Does My Baby Have to Be to Jog with Me?

Most jogging stroller companies will recommend you wait at least eight weeks before putting your baby in any running-type stroller, and she will need additional head and neck support. Some of the higher quality stroller companies, like BOB, have an infant car seat component kit that allows you to adapt your baby’s travel seat to their strollers for immediate use. Once your baby is about six months old, she will have better head and neck control to ride more comfortably without additional aides.

So, which stroller should you purchase? Understandably, if you are going to invest a healthy portion of money, you want your jogging stroller to meet most of your needs. You also want to choose a durable one that will last you for several months, or even years.

Options to Consider When Buying a Jogging Stroller

What kind of terrain do you prefer to walk or run on? If you enjoy trails or off-road adventures, you will need a shock-absorbent, durable stroller with knobby wheels built for traction. If you are an urban mom frequenting mostly sidewalks, smoother tires will suffice and will be a more comfortable ride for both you and baby.

What kind of walker/runner are you? If you’re a serious mileage kind of mom, you will prefer something ultra lightweight (aluminum versus steel) and aerodynamic. BOB makes joggers in the Ironman series if you need a serious training partner. 

What type of car do you drive? If you own a large SUV, stroller size may not be a factor. However, if you have limited trunk space, you will need to account for the stroller’s dimensions when folded down to determine if it will fit.

Swivel or fixed front wheel? A moveable front wheel is a nice option if you live in the city and navigate crowded sidewalks or maneuver narrow isles. A fixed wheel is recommended for proper control for serious running. Kelty makes the Speedster Swivel-Deluxe that boasts a swivel front wheel with the capability to lock, offering you both options. 

What about wheel size? Generally, if you are logging very high mileage, you should opt for twenty inch wheels; this ensures better shock absorption and control. Sixteen inch wheels tend to be the middle-of-the-road choice for both walkers and runners, based on performance and storage optimization. Twelve inch wheels are preferred for light jogging and walking, and provide better maneuverability through tight city spaces. 

Of course, if you already have a toddler at home, there are double jogging stroller options, as well. A second child need not prevent you from getting back on the road to health. Perhaps you already have a favorite stroller. Check with the manufacturer to see if they make it in a two-kid version.

If your choice workout is brisk walking (and you have a large stroller budget), check out the trendy Bumbleride Indie with a locking front swivel wheel. 

Good for the Whole Family

My friend’s husband gained as much weight as she did during her second pregnancy. They decided to invest in a second single jogging stroller (instead of a dual) and now they each push one child around the neighborhood every night. Not only do they get quality time together as a couple, the kids get some fresh air, and in six months, mom and dad have lost a combined total of fifty-five pounds!

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