8 Essential Apps to Download Before Your Next Family Trip

Traveling with my twins can be really rough. Sure, a little vacation or holiday time might be fun once you get there, but between the packing and the think-ahead prep…and then all of the hours in the car or airplane…and then being somewhere without all of your stuff. Ai yi yi, it’s stressful. What I will say is that it’s gotten a whole lot easier since we started bringing along our tablets. While I hate to be that Mom who keeps plopping her kids in front of a screen, desperate times (like being cooped up on a 6-hour flight) call for realistic measures, and the Fire HD tablet is a lifesaver. Not only does it hypnotize my 3-year-olds with games and shows, but I also load it with apps that’ll make travel easier for my husband and me. I think of it like a hand-held motherboard when my family is on-the-move. Before hitting the road, you’ll want to download these essential apps…






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