25 Road Trip Essentials For A Whine-Free Family Vacation

Road trips are the best. As a kid, they were always my favorite way to travel (you know, back when seat belts were “optional” and my sister and I would put the seats down and roll around in our sleeping bags). There are a few more safety regulations these days, but there are also a lot more cool gadgets and games to get us through it. BTW, how did our parents survive road trips without iPads?!

Personally, I love the idea of being stuck in the car with a few good albums, some audiobooks, and my favorite snacks, but it’s not always so easy for kids. They get antsy, they get bored, and then they get whiny. The. Worst. So I’ve put together a list of twenty-five awesome road trip essentials that will keep the kids entertained in the car, your batteries charged (literally and figuratively), and everybody enjoying the sights and sounds of the open road until you get to your final destination. Check them out in the slideshow.

More Road Trip Ideas:

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