Classic Backyard Water Toys to Cool Off Your Summer

Summer has started heating up, and with that comes the need to cool down. If your kids are starting to melt in the afternoon sun, it's time to pull out some good old-fashioned backyard water toys. Some of these classics have been around since I was a kid, but they have all been vastly improved. Kids these days don’t know how lucky they are.


Kiddie Pools

Back in the day, a kiddie pool meant a small plastic tub that a toddler could roll around in. These days, pool manufacturers have gotten serious. The inflatables they come up with have built in slides, sprinklers, and shade canopies. I even found one that looks like a pirate ship! Get yourself an air pump and your inflatable pool of choice, and the kids will keep themselves entertained for hours.

Slip 'N Slides

I recently had the pleasure of showing my niece how to use her very first Slip 'N Slide, and they are definitely a product that has gotten better with age. Wham-o still sells the basic model with just a simple sprinkler and a small pool at the end, but you can upgrade to the three-lane version that comes with boogie boards so you can race your friends. As always with Slip ‘N Slides, you have to consider safety first and foremost. Make sure your kids know how to use the slide properly and stay safe. Also, these can be a big waste of water, so be sure to stay conscious of water conservancy. But in order to avoid trekking the whole family to the water park, this is the most fun you can have with a hose on a hot day.

Super Soakers

A few years, ago, Hasbro merged the Super Soaker and Nerf brands. The toy water guns have greatly benefited from the name change and new designs. The biggest and most welcome change is the ability to carry water around in clips that you can easily swap out for refills. A water fight in the backyard is way more fun when you barely have to pause between soakings. The most exciting new product is the Hydro Pack, which lets you strap 100 ounces of water on your back for nonstop action. I might just have to pick a few up at the store and help cool off our next family barbecue. 

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