How to Beat the Heat with Kids

Beat the Heat with KidsThis weekend was brutal. Brutal as in temperatures as high as 111 with a wind. Because in the Hades that is my summer, there's wind. 

With the mercury hanging out in the triple digits from ten in the morning until eight at night, it's vital for a mom to find something to keep the kids cool and occupied. I thought I'd share my top three tips and tricks to keep us all from going insane from the heat.

1. Pool. Get a pool. Now, if you can handle an in-ground pool, that's wonderful, but for those of us with smallish yards, a solid inflatable pool from Target will run you about $30 and be worth every penny. Add a few beach balls, a couple of buckets and your little ones will have hours of fun. (Hot Tip: Don't let the kids have all the fun. Join them in the coolness of the pool.)

2. Escape. When the mercury rises, head out of dodge if you can. For us, that means heading west to the ocean. For others, this could mean the mountains or anywhere else you can go to get out of the hot weather. Plan a day and pack a lunch.

3. Rainy Day Fun. Don't save the rainy day fun for, well, rainy days. Pull out those activities and projects when the sun is blazing. There's nothing more fun than painting, watching a movie, and popping popcorn while the air conditioning blasts cool air. The kids and I have a whole tub full of craft projects just waiting for it to become too hot to bear the outdoors.

What do you do to beat the heat?