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Amazon Prime Day 2021: The Best Deals On Outdoor Toys For Kids

Now that school is out and the temperatures are rising, there’s nothing better than opening up the back door and letting the kids outside to play and burn off some energy with outdoor toys. Especially outdoor toys for kids that are on sale for Amazon Prime Day! And the best part is that you don’t need to have an enormous yard to take advantage of creative play sets or to put together some fun water toys – just a little patio space or a small yard can provide ample room to get things going.

From sprinklers and kiddie pools to playsets and group-oriented games, your kid will ditch the screens in favor of some serious fun outside. In fact, you may have trouble getting them back inside the house! Check out these Amazon Prime Day deals on outdoor toys for kids, and let the good times roll.

Water Toys:

Giant Inflatable Rocket Water Sprinkler, $39.99, Buy it here!

Fortnite RL Nerf Super Soaker Water Blaster Toy, $16.99, Buy it here!

Mademax Sprinkler & Splash Play Mat, $19.99, Buy it here!

Inflatable Unicorn Mini Pool, $35.99, Buy it here!

16 ft Slip and Slide With Sprinklers, $35.99, Buy it here!

Sand and Water Toddler Activity Table, $59.99, Buy it here!

Super Soaker 2-Pack, $18.79, Buy it here!

Trampoline Sprinkler Hose, $32.95, Buy it here!

Backyard Games:

Portable Badminton Net Set (Also For Tennis, Soccer,Vollyball, Pickleball), $49.99, Buy it here!

Giant Wooden Connect-4 Style Game for Backyard, $88.99, Buy it here!

Spike Ball Style Game, $52.99, Buy it here!

Dueling Foam Rocket Launcher for Kids, $18.99, Buy it here!

GoSports Corn Hole Golf Lawn Game, $133.57, Buy it here!

Lawn Darts Outdoor Game, $28.95, Buy it here!

Backyard Champs Regulation Corn Hole Game, $109.99, Buy it here!

ApudArmis Bocce Balls Set, $54.99, Buy it here!


Outdoor Toys For Kids:

Little Kitchen Playset, $49.99, Buy it here!

Dinosaur Bubble Machine for Kids and Toddlers, $18.99, Buy it here!

Gotrax Vibe Electric Kick Scooter, $224.99, Buy it here!

Space World Kids Play Tent, $35.99, Buy it here!

WhiteFang Skateboard for Beginners, $31.19, Buy it here!

KLB Sport A-Frame Metal Swing Set, $219.99, Buy it here!

Toddler Balance Bike/Ride-On Toy, $56.99, Buy it here!

Lawn Mower Bubble Machine for Kids, $26.99, Buy it here!



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