DIY Magnetic Picture Puzzle

Now that digital cameras and smartphone are ubiquitous, I tend to forget about the old days of displaying photos in frames. Every now and then I like to have my favorite photos from the past few months printed in bulk at my local drugstore, and I just love coming up with creative ways to display them. One of my favorites is this magnetic picture puzzle; it’s great to give as a gift to relatives, and this project is so fun to do with your kiddos.


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photo spray glue black stock


  • spray adhesive
  • magnetic sheet
  • photo
  • X-Acto knife
  • pen
  • scrap paper (optional)


spray glue photo back

Step 1: Spray the back of your photo with the adhesive.

baby in hat photo

Step 2: Stick the photo onto the back of the magnetic sheet.

cut photo xacto knife

Step 3: Using your X-Acto knife, cut around the perimeter of the photo.

napkin pen puzzle pieces

Step 4: Using scrap paper (or a napkin in my case!), draw an outline of what you want your puzzle pieces to look like.

black paper white paper

Step 5: With your pen, draw your puzzle shapes onto the black side of the magnetic sheet.

magnetic sheet puzzle pieces

Step 6: After drawing, cut out the puzzle shapes with your X-Acto knife.

black magnet puzzle pieces

Step 7: Continue until all the pieces are cut out.

photo puzzle

Place the pieces on your fridge, or magnetic bulletin board, and let your child put the puzzle together. Make a bunch and give them to your close friends and family!

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