DIY Slogan Slippers for a Slumber Party

My ten year old and her friends are in peak sleepover mode. Slumber parties have replaced playdates, and fun DIYs have replaced popcorn and movies for late night entertainment. As much as I love their creativity, I don’t necessarily want to have to supervise, organize, and help create projects with them as they gab the night away.

I designed these DIY slogan slippers with a twist. Instead of using a hot iron, which is bound to be left on and plugged in if they’re left to their own devices, this tutorial uses kid-friendly fabric paint and stickers. So, kids can create their own slumber party masterpiece while you stay blissfully out of the mix. Plus, these easy and inexpensive DIY slippers send the girls home with a fun birthday party favor.


Give your next slumber party a DIY touch with these cool slogan slippers:

DIY Slogan Sleepover Slippers for Kids

DIY Slippers for a Slumber Party:


white child-size spa or terry cloth slippers

typographic alpha or numeral stickers

fabric markers in various colors

DIY Slogan Sleepover Slippers for Kids


Step 1: Adhere stickers to the strap on each slipper to spell out a fun phrase, name, or saying. Remember to place letters so they are right side up for the viewer of the slippers, not the wearer.

Step 2: Smooth around the edges of each sticker to ensure a secure bond to the slipper fabric.

Step 3: Using a fabric marker, color around each letter of the slogan. Make sure that the area around the stickers is sufficiently colored so that the fabric underneath the stickers is clearly outlined to make the letters appear crisp and easy to read.

Step 4: Remove each sticker, and touch up any areas that have been missed in the outline around the letters.

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