12 Fun DIY Piggy Banks That Will Inspire Your Kids to Save

Our four-year-old has been learning all sorts of new concepts this year. One of the things we have been focusing on is money management. While it may seem crazy, I personally feel like it’s never too early to teach your child about the importance of being fiscally responsible. To get things started, I thought it might be fun to create some DIY piggy banks to encourage saving and to demonstrate how little amounts can add up.

Whether they have an allowance, or just hold on to money given from grandparents, children can learn how to save and when to spend! We like to create earning potential in the summertime so that there can be opportunities to purchase souvenirs on trips as well as learn a bit more about money saving and giving. And creating a DIY piggy bank also helps to fill the days with productivity a bit more as your kids can try to earn “tickets” (which then are cashed in for money at the end of the week) by doing chores and errands.


Making your own DIY piggy bank isn’t only good for your kid’s back pocket – it’s also a fun and simple project to tackle on a rainy afternoon. From Mason jar piggy banks to mailing tube piggy banks, these will increase the fun…and the saving in your house.