easter egg hunt ideas

12 Fun Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Kids of All Ages


I’m a big fan of family traditions, especially around holidays. And while we do an Easter egg hunt every year, I have been looking to mix things up a bit. After all hunting for Easter eggs in the backyard is starting to get old and predictable. I need some ideas that will engage the kids and keep them busy for a while. This inspired me to go on a hunt of my own to find some fun, fresh Easter egg hunt ideas that will appeal to kids of all ages.


What you’ll love about these clever Easter egg hunt ideas is that there’s something for all kinds of kids. Some of these egg hunts are educational, while others are crafty. Some are perfect for toddlers, while others will delight tweens and teens. No matter which you choose, I can guarantee that your Easter egg hunt traditions will never be the same again.

More fun Easter egg hunt ideas:


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